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We will study creatures and dormouse with various researchers.

Our research is introduced in this section.

Environmental education

 Departmental Bulletin Paper

Practical trial of integrated‒subject instruction in science and music

This is a treatise on a multidisciplinary class that attempts to create new things by combining different things. Dr. Minato has practiced it since he was an elementary school teacher, and this time he practiced it at university.

Practical trial of integrated‒subject instruction in science and music (PDF)


This research entailed a practical trial of integrated-subject instruction in the areas of science and music for a group of students in the Education Department. The objective of the study was to clarify how the students identified points of intersection and differences between science and music. The insights that the students gained with regard to the lesson plans required for science and music were also clarified. Finally, the study aimed to help students to develop the perspectives needed to implement integrated‒subject instruction in future classrooms.
The students were surprised by the fact that different subjects could be merged into a single lesson through the common theme of “learning with the five senses”. They also realized that the integration of two subject areas playing complementary roles can result in deeper learning than single‒subject instruction.

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