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Japanese Dormouse - Conservation of Wild Animals and Environmental Education (University of Tokyo Press)

Japanese Dormouse - Conservation of Wild Animals and Environmental Education - (The University of Tokyo Press)

Japanese Edition

Japanese Dormouse - Natural Monument  - What kind of animals are they? The book explains in detail the ecology of hibernation, breeding, childcare, etc., and introduce various efforts for conservation and environmental education of dormouse life in the forest. The culmination of "Dr. Dormouse" who has been sincerely facing the dormouse for many years!

Introduction to the contents

Japanese dormouse

Dormouse eat Wild Strawberries. It ate wild strawberries deliciously in the forest of Tochigi.

A breeding and observation hut for dormouse were built with children. Gravel of cement material was carried from the river with them.

Japanese dormouse

The foot of Mt. Yatsugatake in early summer.  Dormouse eat the nectar of pink Redvein enkianthus deliciously.

Japanese dormouse is the old mammal with a geographical group of nine genes in the Japanese archipelago.

Japanese dormouse

Dormouse is like a fairy in the forest. Protecting dormouse is protecting forests and us.


It is a book about the wonder of the dormouse.
It is a wonder that the hometown of Japanese dormouse, a special animal of Japan, is Europe.
The wonder of hibernation that they can sleep without eating anything for about 6 months.
It is a wonder that if they move a tree as if they are skater.
They are strong by eating fruits and insects in the forest.
They are stunning by communicating on a dark tree.
The power of collaboration that people protect dormouse.
Dormouse heals people and the thought of nature conservation.
I hope readers of the book will feel that way.

Syusaku Minato, President, Dormouse & Wildlife Institute

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Japanese dormouse

It is on sale nationwide.

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