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Cabinet Office, Government of Japan introduced Animal-pathway


The dormouse is a natural monument in Japan whose "road" is a branch of the forest. They cross the branches looking for food, beds and mates. Without branches, trees and forests, they can’t live. Animal-pathway is an SDG way to support the division.

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We at The Dormouse & Wildlife Institute is studying the wonders of "dormouse" and "creatures". In addition, we support to nurture "living things," "nature," and "people who love people." We provide support to develop people who support the global society.

Recommended Books

Japanese Dormouse -Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Education-


Yamane, Natural monument of Japan  --- What kind of animals are they?
Introducing details the Japanese Dormouse ecology of hibernation, breeding, childcare, etc are introduced, and also various efforts for conservation and environmental education of dormouse living in the forest. The book is the culmination of "Dr. Dormouse" who has been sincerely facing the dormouse's for many years.

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ヤマネ・いきもの研究所代表 湊秋作

The objects we want to cherish are "dormouse", "living things" and "people".

Many plants, animals and microorganisms live around us and on the earth. We cannot live without "living things" so that we can breathe thanks to the oxygen produced by plants. People live on the blessings of "living things" such as air, food, clothing, and fuel.

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